Mano Fico amulets

When I began designing pieces for my first line of jewelry I really wanted to represent the classics, the amulets and charms that were passed from generation to generation, culture to culture. I soon discovered few were as universal as the Mano Fico. Versions of the Mano Fico charm can be found in cultures around the world. Although it usually associated with Roman and Etruscan cultures, versions of the charm can be found in Puruvian, South American, Brazilian and early American history


Mano fica coral gesture set in silver, Verona, Italy, 1850-1920 via Science Museum, London

In Italy, the evil eye is said to affect men as well as children, nursing mothers, fruit trees, and dairy animals. The Mano Fico was was often hung above cribs, on the wall or around the neck of those who needed protection. The men of some cultures even used it to protect potency and life force.


Carved bone figa recovered from the Fountain of Youth Park site via FLMNH

 Early versions of these amulets were often carved of blood red coral, bone and wood. Later charms were made of silver and gold.


Gold Figa charm bracelet via Erstwhile Jewelry

I chose to cast mine in Shibuichi to celebrate the antiquity of the design. A perfect modern classic


The Fortuna necklace by The Small Beast


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